Химич Роман (totaltelecom) wrote,
Химич Роман

Myriad Connect: SIM swap fraud is now global threat

О масштабах преступлений с помощью кражи номера у братьев по разуму.

"SIM swap fraud has plagued mobile users across Africa for years, with Myriad Connect’s recent survey in Kenya revealing that over 90 percent of Kenyan banking leaders see it as an issue for their organisations and over 25 percent of respondents had been victims of SIM swap fraud.

Recent research among leading financial services CIOs in Kenya found that 87 percent of financial services providers deploy OTP via SMS to protect transactions, and consumer research indicates that 71 percent of consumers have used services that use OTP via SMS to authenticate financial service transactions."

Свыше 25% это же кошмар
Tags: customer satisfaction, мобильная связь
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