Химич Роман (totaltelecom) wrote,
Химич Роман

Telecom market for two: Lifecell loses subscribers as Kyivstar, Vodafone grow

"Khimich is sure that Lifecell uses quarter reports to manipulate its investors. By reducing its base of subscribers (showing only active ones), it increases statistics on average spending inside its network. Average revenue per user for all the operators grew from around $1.3 to $1.7 per month.

“Shareholders first of all are interested in money, that’s why financial indicators like average revenue per user are more important than the number of subscribers,” Khimich told the Kyiv Post.

So he says people should not think that Lifecell will leave the market because it has fewer active users. Financial results, however, tell a less pleasant story. “Lifecell revenue grows almost 10 times slower, which means the company loses its market share,” Khimich said." Source

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